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ottawa and hull

8am april 29
a nice day at the beach
a northern river pushes winter to the sea
after the downpour, february
another fake landscape
april 27 plus thirty degrees
au bord du lac pink
capital night
champlain surveys the wreckage
chateau and canal
chateau laurier under moonlight
chaudiere rapids study
city at the gates of spring
cold comfort
cold view from the monument
downstream from winter
end of daze
evening thunderhead
feels like 28 degrees below zero
flower tree portrait
flower trees and streetlights
friday night below zero
friday night sub zero, study
groundhog willie must die
hull, frozen over
january thaw, hull
january, 4pm
june evening light
l'effet du précédent
lac blue sea
lac philippe
lac pink, study
lanark county boneyard
last gasp before the collapse
last of the gatineau flower trees
last of the late season flower trees
later friday night
laurier bridge
low water mark
may day afternoon
may day evening
mer bleue
minuit dans le parc de la gatineau
mont ste. marie
night falls on ought nine
night for day
night on earth, cold version
only art can save us from religion
ottawa river nocturne
rain painting ottawa river
return of the one true cloud
rideau canal at ottawa
river in april
river runs dry
rue laval
samedi soir
saturday afternoon
side view, october
sky and trees
sky and water, rocks and trees
spires v. monoliths
sunday morning
sunset looking east
the conquest of public space
the effect of extreme cold on gravity
the haunted house
the memorial nervously awaits the chisel
the moon is big and getting closer
the moon is full
the nocturnal decision
the ruling of night
the stars we get
the view from the road
the wages of sin is paint
under the champlain bridge
upstream from hull
view from hull
view from the campground
view from the war museum
view of hull
wellington street west
deschênes rapids
flower trees, vieux hull
lac bourgeois
streetscape, vieux hull
the effect of precedent
view from the hill
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