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meat cove and halifax

a fog bank guards the harbour
a nest of cranes, study
after the tropical storm
all is frozen - all is motion
autumn seaside
bounty on cornwallis -- kodi was here
broken landscape
brook behind the lodge
brook study
church study
cow bay from hartlen point
cranes and buildings
cranes and power plant
crystal crescent beach
cutters and cranes
dartmouth study
day in october
downtown afternoon
early evening by the bridge
eclipse over black point
evening in may
fireworks at cape north
friday june 13, 2008
frozen face frozen hands
george's island
god house, boat house, dartmouth
gothic window at the lodge
grassy in winter
greetings from the top of grassy
halifax backyard garden
halifax waterfront afternoon
halifax waterfront
harbour view
highlands from aspy bay
highlands to the sea
ice at black point, january
january night by the lodge
landscape with flies
landscape without flies
line dancers
looking north from the citadel
meat cove brook
meat cove from the lobster boat
meat cove late december
meat cove mountain
meat cove view
morning has broken me
my bloody valentine
new bridge halifax
night falls on dartmouth
october seaside
out by the outhouse
point pleasant looking west, study
point pleasant looking west
point pleasant, study
point pleasant
power plant panorama #1
power plant panorama #2
saturday (where my dad got off the boat)
snow squalls over black point
snow squalls over the cabot strait
stormy day at the beach
sunday (where my dad got off the boat)
sunset by the shore
sunset from the citadel
sweet, light and crude
the loneliness of the long-distance hiker
the new bridge
the nor'easter
the rescue
the road to the bay
the top of the slide, june
the village from the mountain
harbour exit
tip of grassy from the boat
top of the slide, january
view from black point
view from the citadel, study
view from the citadel
view from the dartmouth look off
view from under the bridge
view of capstick
view of dartmouth
view of the old power plant
view of the refinery
view to black point and money point
wharf at bay st. lawrence
view of the village from the mountain
view of grassy
view from the lawrence c.
view from the distant height of summer
view from grassy late spring
trees behind the lodge
top of the slide
top of the slide october
top of blower street
tooker gomberg was here
tip of grassy
the royal war machine
the house of the lord is always locked
the brook behind the lodge
the bridge police will never find me
sunset on meat cove mountain
sunset from bear mountain
splinky the winter swimmer
night snow tree
moon over meat cove mountain
money point in january
meat cove shore
macdonald bridge
ice at black point
i took three dozen flowers
high surf at meat cove beach
halifax railyard
halifax harbour nocturne
grassy under snow, study
february study
dawn breaks behind money point
charles tupper school
brook in winter
a nest of cranes
all this for 75 cents
blood moon over black point
brook at meat cove
brook in summer
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