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a nor'isle
above little current
above willisville again
accidental roadside garden, study
another view from ten mile point
autumn river
bay of islands
behind espanola
cranberry bay study
cranberry bay
cup and saucer #1
cup and saucer #2
cup and saucer #3
cup and saucer, study
east lookout
elegy for the death of winter
evening afterglow
evening with west wind
fall day at providence bay
fields near spring bay
flower trees at blue jay creek farm
frood lake study
frozen strawberry channel
gore bay channel
grey day
island without name
la cloche channel
la cloche range #1
la cloche range #2
la cloche range #3
la cloche range autumn
lights at the edge of town
little current under construction
little current, balcony view
looking to the eyeland
lookout east, january
loon song orchard
mclean mountain #2
mclean mountain road
mountain sunset #2
near the mouth of south bay
neighbours north by northwest
night falls on little current
north channel drive south view
north channel evening down
north channel fall day
north channel october
north channel skyscape
north channel sunset
north, winter
november heat wave goodbye
november heat wave, study
november view, willisville mountain
october painting
orchard at blue jay creek farm
port of manitowaning
post card from manitowaning
providence bay
ruins at little current
sailboats on north channel, study
sailboats on north channel
sand dunes at carter bay
scott's bluff windy day
scott's bluff
shoreline at green bay
sideways glance 540 highway
south bay shoreline
south view late december
spring break up
stare into the sun again
steam factory, espanola
strawberry channel lighthouse
strawberry channel
sunday painting, monday version
sunset at north channel drive
sunset cup and saucer
sunset from mclean's mountain
tehkummah back road
tehkummah public beach
the broken shoreline
the cold sun rises
the cold sun
the curve of the earth
the last cold day
the north channel under ice
the north channel, late october
the one true church
the ruins in summer
the ruins in winter
the slow squall
the swing bridge
top of greenbush winter
top of greenbush
townline road
view east from willisville mountain
view from mclean's mountain
view from the balcony, study
view from the balcony, winter
view from the bitter cold
view from the boneyard green bay
view from the deep freeze
view from the distant height of winter
view of green bay
view of little current
view of silver peak
water colours
winter at gore bay channel
winter at providence bay
winter ice summer sky
view from willisville mountain
view from the balcony, little current
sunset cup and saucer
shore ice near little current
ruins at little current
orchard at blue jay creek farm
october seen
october light, north channel
north channel, july
north channel rocky beach
north channel near little current
north channel height of summer
north channel drive
north channel drive, south view
little current stormy evening
lake manitou shoreline
la cloche range, october
la cloche mountains
halfway islands
gales of november
frood lake from willisville mountain
fall on your leaves
fall canopy
accidental roadside garden
bay of islands august, diptych
bay of islands from willisville mountain
behind massey
cranberry bay
cup and saucer
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